Chinese Branding: Fundamental Step for Your Business

Chinese Branding: Fundamental Step for Your Business

What do you think about Chinese brands? In case, you haven’t yet thought about it, you should consider it for your business growth. Nowadays, for a company’s success in the global market, it is very important to enter the China. The country, with all its population along with rapid development, has become a growing market for domestic as well as foreign enterprises. Even in the time of financial crisis, the market aggressively pushes onwards and inwards.

On the other hand, commercial success in the country is not much easy; great challenges come in the way of foreign firms. One of the known challenges that can be confronted in the initial stages is of brand naming. To make a foreign brand appealing for the Chinese customers, develop an attractive Chinese name.

Some agencies argue that their original brand names completely represent their brand, and so they intend to communicate their foreignness to Chinese, but they don’t want Chinese name for their brand. This kind of idea ignores all the cultural differences that might be realized to the local customer preferences. Moreover, a Chinese name can serve as the local presence of your brand’s values, culture, vision, and personality. This is the consideration that should be taken importantly.

The most important thing to do is the selection of the name of the product which is going to be produced by the certain company. The primary benefit of this deed is that the market in which product is going to be treated is mainly comprised of the Chinese. So if the name of the product is in some Chinese language, the product or commodity will ultimately appeal the consumers. The consumers have faith in the Chinese’s named product. This proves the importance of the mother tongue, and this behavior or rule is not only applicable to Chinese society. It is a general rule easily applicable to an entire world. One more reason is that Chinese people do not prefer to understand another language. They are likely to be pleased by the translated versions of the products name. And if you do not follow this trend or rule, then your product will be copied by the competitors and ultimately be given some new name and get into the market. And hence, the people start buying this new stolen product. So in order to get rid of this cheat deed, one should pay heed to this silent and pretty simple advice that the name of the product should be in some Chinese language. One famous example can be put here for the better understanding. The world’s famous coffee shop “Starbucks” had started working in China without changing its name. And later on, the coffee shop named in the Chinese language as Starbucks started its business in Shangai. Hence this confusion and the unfortunate event could be avoided if the Starbucks Company had registered its name in the Chinese language before. . Some people also contact <a href=””>Translation Company</a> for their brand name translation.

You may take this reason as some illogical reason. But now move towards some serious stuff and let me explain some sound reasons to choose a Chinese name for your product. The name of a company is basically its trademark. If you want to protect your trademark, you have to select some Chinese name to the Company. The trademark selection plays a vital role in the life of a company. Once it is chosen, it cannot be changed again and again as per the owner’s desire. This concept can be explained through an example. The world’s famous auto producer named, Porsche registered its corporate name in Chinese languages (保时捷 [bǎo shí jié]). But later on did not register the products’ names. The counterfeiters took advantage of this event. By adopting the popularity of Porsche, the auto mobile companies started generating the products quite similar to the original Porsche products. For example, 卡雷拉[kǎ léi lā], the Chinese product named as Porsche’s Carrera, was not registered in the year early 2002 by some local Chinese electrical bicycle company located in Zhejiang Taizhou. It is very clear from this event that the trademark should be registered in the Chinese language if you want to set up your company in China.

Since now you have been reading the advantages of getting company’s name in the Chinese language. Let’s hit some new perspectives. First and foremost reason is that if the name of a brand is in the local language, it can be linguistically attracted to the target market. If you want to sell out the running Chinese named business, it earns huge brand name equity. There are various dimensions that are fruitful for the company holders if their company is in some Chinese name. It helps in building the relationships with the remaining market. It strengthens the position of a company. It attracts the local investors. Chanel is one of the most expensive, heavy, luxury and fantastic fashion and cosmetic goods brand. This company registered its name in China as “香奈儿 [xiāng nài ér]”. It is a phonetic translation of the original brand name because it is very clear that it can only appeal the customers and consumers in this way. A number of examples can be put in the way. The most expensive auto vehicle manufacturer brand “BMW” has its Chinese name as 宝马 [bǎo mǎ], which means “Precious Horse”. There is a story behind this name. This does not show only the strength and power of the company. But also includes the touch of ancient times due to “宝” which was used in some Chinese old poems.

The selection of Chinese brand name is essential to the success of the company. The classic story of the success of the chinses companies is that they earn a huge and immense response from their local markets and then they step into the Global market. You cannot ignore the electric appliances brands such as Haier, Midea, and Hisense, which are now importing the products to the entire world. They have gained the attention of an international market in few years. You have seen the success of mobile company Huawei which comprises of about 58% shares of the whole world.

Hence it has been concluded that the foreign companies can only run their businesses once they registered their names in the Chinese language. The life of a business totally relies upon the trademark, which should be in local language.