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Medical Translation Services

Medical translation requires 100% precision and up-to-date knowledge by every member of a translation team. It needs multiple levels of quality and full knowledge of regulatory laws, particularly in the European Union, the US and Japan. Smartlation meets all the highest quality levels in providing Medical Translations.

Medical translation is our business. That is why most of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Contract research Organizations, Medical Device manufacturers and other industries work with us. They all know the Smartlation is a reliable translation company. When you place your order from Smartlation, you get your translation on time, in full compliance with regulatory requirements and within budget. All the medical translations are delivered with accuracy.

Our unique methodology on which clients depend upon being consistently clear, high valued information, and accurate translation. We have a team of about 3000 medical experts who cover almost every time zone and handle a large number of languages in scientific as well as medical fields. As medical translation involves a high risk of even life and death, we, at Smartlation, offer medical translators with high skills, work experience, and training. So, what are you waiting for, just convey your need and get the best results.


On a global scale, the industry needs to provide translated material to multiple linguistic markets. Either you focus on patient information leaflets, regulatory submissions, or packaged labels – if the information is not translated with accuracy and efficiency, irrevocable consequences may arise. Smartlation is the best solution in the pharmaceutical industry, which has its place with top most companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Schering-Plough, and Daiichi Pharma development. Smartlation has experts and offers translation of highly technical documents, including Clinical study protocols, Case report forms, CMC documentation, training, Synopses, Patents and patent applications, and much more.

Pharmaceutical Translation
Medical Devices Translation

Medical Devices

Marketing your medical device in another country requires translation of all the instructions and specifications. Taking into account the cultural differences is also very important. Smartlation is a leading provider in this field of medical device translations. We have experienced translators as well as editors with linguistic skills, technical expertise, and above all, professional degrees, i.e. MD and Ph.D. Smartlation provide multiple rounds of proofreading by native speakers of the language in which translation has been done. Smartlation has been providing translation for many types such as Product manuals, Marketing, Case Report forms, Informed consent forms, Packaging inserts and labeling, IFUs and DFUs.

Clinical Research

Smartlation has been providing medical as well as clinical research translation services to CROs (clinical Research Organizations). Our customers in this field are from many fast growing industries. We translate multiple types of documents from Pharmacological Studies and Protocols to Consent forms, IVRS (Interactive voice Response Prompt) and Questionnaires. The typical documents we translate for Clinical Research clients include: Preclinical studies, Surveys and drug testing, Phases 0 to IV, Patient Information Sheets (PIS), Dossiers for regulatory approvals, Cae Report Forms, Informed consent forms, Study Protocols, Patient questionnaires, Patient diaries, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), and scientific papers.

Clinical Research Translation

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