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The insurance companies keep on maintaining a considerable level of trust and also strengthening the relationships with their clients. Loyalty and trust can be gained when communicated clearly and in the style and language the client can read and understand too. 

As there is no customer who is prepared to believe in their promise to understand or the belief has not been communicated effectively to them, language services, either in the form of face to face interpreting or document translation, are really important to the insurance industry. 

At Smartlation, all the translations we complete are done by our native speakers and we also ensure that we hire those with specific experience in the specific field, whether it is health, property or car insurance. Moreover, we ensure that the designated linguist will be highly familiar with the languages used in contracts or other related materials.

We have a quality assurance process that has been developed to assure you that every project we deliver meets the highest standards. Furthermore, we also make sure that we provide strictly confidential services and also comply with HIPPA regulations. With a large number of clients, we work hard to make your translation good and accurate as clients’ expect.

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Insurance translations handled by Smartlation allow you to extend the service’s reach to foreign countries’ markets, helping to attract new customers and grow your business locally and globally. We have services that help you communicate in the languages your clients are comfortable with and building the trust that is required to have a long-term relationship with your clients.
Fluid communication and two-way understanding are also important for clients’ patient who cannot speak the source language, but consider switching the health protection plan or insurance brokers. Reaching the group with accurately translated content, you can attract new loyal customers to your insurance business.

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Insurance Translation Expertise

We understand the how important it is to provide accurate translations of insurance documents. That is why we employ translators and linguistic with the right expertise to handle these projects. We have translators with insurance industry background and they manage your project with high level of precision. Documents which are expertise of our translators include Government Tax Reports, Insurance booklets, Enrollment forms, Benefit package and Summaries, Beneficiary Designation and Forms, Disclosure Statements, Insurance Claims, Grievance Letters, Appeals, Denials, Summary of Benefits and Explanation of Benefits, Summary Plan Descriptions, Private and Public Offerings, and other insurance related documents. 

Insurance Translation Risk

When it comes to insurance translation documents, it is not just enough to carry out the translation from source to target translation. Beyond the need to understand the complexity of legal terms might be understood, localization is also playing an important role. It is important to take into consideration the various infrastructures, processes if international market and regulations while translating documents. That’s why we are here. With every translation project, Smartlation selects a team of experts and experienced translators to match your sector and provide qualified translation expertise. Our translators have experience and can translate sensitive documents with high accuracy.

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