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Legal document Translation Services

One of the most basic features of Smartlation’s search engine to hire freelance translators is the possibility to list translators specialized in legal translation or the translation of legal documents if you select “Legal” in the Expertise field when ordering. The process is extremely simple: Upload the file with the content to translate (Open/MS Office documents, PDF, even images and scanned files), select the languages pair and expertise field, and finally choose the translator you want according to price, deadline, country, among other properties. Trying it takes seconds to discover the lowest prices in the market. If your document needs to be presented before a Court or Institution, you can optionally add proofreading to your order and request an affidavit stamped and signed by a supervisor. Customer support for legal translations at Smartlation is managed by a real professional translator and lawyer providing services to an American embassy; that’s why lawyers and legal professionals choose to translate their needs with us as they enjoy professional and understanding customer service while getting lower rates, higher quality, maximal privacy and the fastest service.

Translate Legal Document

We allow you to quickly find and hire professional freelance translators experts in legal documents translation, translation of legal evidences, etc. Additionally, you can add proofreading to your order to request a signed and stamped affidavit assuring the Court of translation quality and showing it’s legitimacy.

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Certified Translation with Affidavit

Lawyers, people seeking justice or filling demands can now enjoy a way to translate documents in a few simple steps, as featured on Forbes, which saves time for more important aspects of their legal procedures. Decrease the pressure on yourself and delegate your content to us to translate. With proofreading we’ll even attach an affidavit with a stamp and signature on it for free upon request. We are a translation company with years of prestigious performance in all expertise fields including and especially legal translation. We deliver dozens of legal translations daily for Courts and other institutions worldwide. Please note we do not provide Hague or official or institutional stamps.

Keep Your Privacy Protected Translating Safely with Smartlation

We deeply understand the importance of privacy in legal translation, which is why all our professional translators work under a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) aiming to preserve our customers’ privacy. By ordering through Smartlation, you are keeping your confidentiality safe through both technological and legal measures to prevent leaks while paying the most competitive rates for translation services. Our IT department is permanently implementing new security measures and updates to shield your data while our legal department is constantly reviewing our confidentiality agreements with translators to ensure maximal protection. Many lawyers, defendants and prosecutors choose us as translation services provider to avoid information filtrations or leaks; no other company in the field invests in security like us, and without it being reflected in the cost.

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