Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

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Marketing Translation Services

Marketing plays an important role in introducing your product or service to the market and creating awareness which attracts the target customers to purchase and use these products and services and ensure their reliability.
The role of marketing in this competitive age has become more vital because a number of products and services are offering same benefits in the global market. Even a highly demanded and excellent product may fail if it is not marketed properly. So the marketers try to localize their marketing strategies while promoting products and services in foreign countries. Here comes the role of language translation.
Marketing translations and adaptation is complex, even an underestimated field. As it consists of translation from one language to another, it involves writing persuasive and appealing content that has a strong impact on your audience. Unlike technical or general translation, marketing translators also need to be good writers first.  Marketing translation also includes transcreation, where both the translator and writer work together.
At, we have translators with in-depth experience who are working in marketing departments. They have the ability to create powerful content that can promote and engage customers in the local and global market.

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In marketing translation, it is required that all the company’s messages are clearly understood and adapted such that they fit the target market. As we have worked on marketing translations for multiple languages and cultures in the world, we have become expert in understanding what will work or what will not. Marketing material is strongly influenced by emotions and culture of target challenging population. We have worked upon some marketing translation projects including Blog translation, Advertising translation, Press Release translation, Promotional Literature translation, Business Card translation, Email Campaign translation, Product Catalogue translation, and Company Brochure translation.

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Marketing Translation Experience

Efficient and accurate translation need know-how, familiarity, and much dedication with the source content as well as target audience. The correct translation of such content requires a lot of time and effort on translator’s end who not only make understood messages in the new culture, but they also maintain a high level of appeal that resides in the source text. With Smartlation’s years of experience and highly qualified team of translators in marketing material, no one can complete these translations better than We can increase your sales, improve your brand’s accessibility, and cut down your cost during a marketing campaign.

Marketing Localization

Smartlation has been providing medical as well as clinical research translation services to CROs (clinical Research Organizations). Our customers in this field are from many fast growing industries. We translate multiple types of documents from Pharmacological Studies and Protocols to Consent forms, IVRS (Interactive voice Response Prompt) and Questionnaires. The typical documents we translate for Clinical Research clients include: Preclinical studies, Surveys and drug testing, Phases 0 to IV, Patient Information Sheets (PIS), Dossiers for regulatory approvals, Cae Report Forms, Informed consent forms, Study Protocols, Patient questionnaires, Patient diaries, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), and scientific papers.

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