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In today’s digital world, businesses need to quickly respond to global market needs and demands.  Translation is not separate because digital content is created continually and around the clock. Translating digital information efficiently and quickly enables the companies to get into competition and spread themselves in the global market. 
With the explosion of websites, software and mobile devices, i.e. tablets, the amount of content required to be translated are also growing exponentially. According to an estimation, by 2018, the Internet traffic would be 64x heavier as it was in 2005. 
Smartlation provides comprehensive translation services for the mobile device, software, and the internet, for companies who want to develop their business more in the global markets. Our translators work closely with the customers and development teams to provide accurate versions of your project in any language and for any service.
We have software globalization team that is professional in software design and development. Based on your language, internationalization, subject matter, and localization requirements, you can trust us to handle your project.
Smartlation has translators with experience and best practices for translation of software, websites, mobile devices, and applications. We promise to handle your project in time efficient, culturally correct, and time efficient manner.

Software Translation Projects

Smartlation has professionals and translators with extensive experience in completing globalization projects accurately. Ranging from catalogs and user manuals translation for global websites, high profile, and complex e-Learning software, we guarantee your success. We have case studies that represent the success of our quality work. Hand over your project to Smartlation and get your project done by the experts. We can show you the projects our translators have worked on and help you define the steps required to reach your customers and contacts in foreign countries. We also promise to deliver quality work within specified time.

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Website Localization Services

Smartlation carefully reviews your information and deliver a comprehensive quotation including the tasks, timelines, and teams. As project timelines are client driven, so smartlation establish the team for your project and also schedule your project according to your need. We have some keys to successful website localization services. Our translators are expert in localization and understand cultural differences. They know about the concept of linguistic validation. They translate the specific website for the target area. We do a contract with our clients in a comfortable environment. We use tools to ensure that the content is updated regularly. 

Mobile Devices Translation

Mobile technology is invasive and our customers demand highly accurate and flawless performance. Smartlation Mobile Translation Services accept these challenges. That is why many of the top companies, trust on Smartlation to make sure that their mobile devices, network services, and mobile applications look great. Here we offer linguistically and culturally, localization and translation for mobile devices content that helps your device operate as intended in the source language. Our translators concentrate on identifying all the cultural nuances to formulate the appropriate, efficient, accurate, on time and professional translation projects for target audiences to avoid miscommunication.

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