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At Smartlation, we translate all types of academic documents from one language into another. We handle translations of many projects for foreign country students. Smartlation relies on professional and experienced translators to deliver the best quality academic documents. Our translation services for academic documents are perfect for those students who intend to participate in studying study abroad programs. There are many colleges, 4-year universities, and small schools across the world receive applications from all over the world to get them enrolled. They ask these applicants to submit the documents in their native language and ask them to have a translation of academic documents they get from the institutions they attended in home countries. Many students are asked to convert their academic records like transcripts and diplomas into another language. You can scan and email us your documents for translations. Smartlation does not ask for original documents. Once you hand over your document to us, our representative will contact you back and will discuss the terms and conditions. There are many applicants who seek for certified translation services for academic documents including degrees, diplomas, transcripts, and lectures. We select the best translator for your documents. We promise to deliver quality translations without any inconsistency and delay.

Diplomas, Academic RecordsPharmaceutical

Academic certificates and diplomas are awarded for degrees along with degree title and date. If you are a student and want your diploma certificate to be translated in another language to submit the records to an institution abroad for enrollment purpose, you can contact smartlation for immediate assistance. We have professional translators to execute the accurate and quality translations for our valued customer’s documents. If you have done a degree or courses in a language that is not understandable in another country, they will ask for translated version of your academic records including diplomas and certificates, and other degrees.

Diplomas, Academic Records
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Transcripts Translation

Transcripts are records that are issued yearly by schools and contain course titles, grades obtained in the courses, and a number of units. We have translators to translate these documents into other languages. Students who intend to spend a semester or the entire course into another country needs a translation of their transcripts and diplomas. If you are planning to study in another country, feel free to visit smartlation for your transcripts translation. We also translate supplementary documents like bank statements, letters of recommendations, and immunization record. Our translators can translate into many languages including Italian, Spanish, French, Persian, Chinese and much more.

Lectures, Speeches Translation

There are some students who search for lectures and speeches for information and study purpose. We are also providing services for such translations. We have translators who are experienced and can translate these lectures as well as audio, video speeches into other languages to serve our valued students. We promise to deliver the translations with high quality and accuracy. At smartlation, we have translators who are specialized in this field and give you exactly what you want. Along with accuracy and quality, we also ensure the student to provide their projects within specified time limit. The translation is provided to the students in the best possible way.

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