With over 25 years of experience in the translation industry our data scientists and linguistic specialists developed a unique algorithm that enable to compare between different translators based on multiple parameters such as skill, experience, availability, and more.

This algorithm enables Smartlation to provide a “Matching score”, that represents how suitable the translator is for each individual translation request, allowing the user to choose the perfect translator.


1. Upload any file

2. Compare & Choose

3. Pay & Relax




24/7, immediate, transparent, online access to thousands of
approved, rated, and categorized translators around the world


No need to wait for availability or quotation from translators. Our algorithms scans any file in any format and provide accurate pricing immediately in order to enable our customers to complete the transaction in seconds


Smartlation marketplace allows its translators to set their own pricing. Along with our automatic process and algorithm it enables us to save up tp 60% of the translation process and offer our customers the most competitive pricing in the market.


Our algorithms (patented) find and recommend the best translators for the job based on multiple parameters such as language, history, skill, profession, availability, and various other parameters


Review translator characteristics based on multiple parameters along with any relevant data we have and choose the best translators for the job based on Price, Skill, Preferences, Availability and Rating


Our system tracks and monitors the translation process and workflow to make sure the translation will be delivered on time


SMARTLATION offers a freehand to the translators registered with them. We allow its registered translators to

– Be exposed to a global array of potential clients.
– Be able to project profit BEFORE taking on a new endeavor.
– Get notifications only when there is a job offer for you.
– Get everything done in one place. No need for different sites for uploads, payments etc.
– Determine how many hours a day you want to work, and how many days a week.
– Determine your own pricing, you will be paid on the per word price you will set in your profile while registering.
– Enjoy all the benefits we offer.

In the past 2 years, smartlation has developed a unique algorithm (patented) that scans the translator database to find and recommend the best translators for the job based on multiple parameters such as languages, history, skill, professions, availability and numerous more. 

We usually wait for the translators for a couple of hours to accept the order, but if they do not reply in 4 hours maximam, the customer services department performs the below mentioned tasks

1. Call the linguist to ask if they are available and have any issue in accepting the job offer.

2. If they are not available, offer the task to other translators with high ratings.

3. Get the task done in due time and budget from the translators of their own choice.

In order to provide the best translators with great prices, Smartlation works with professional translators from around the world. As results, Smartlation are required to use multiple payments terms and methods. Charging payment in advances support this model and help us keep the prices as low as possible. In case you need other payment terms please contact our support.

The Translator’s database of Smartlation contains only professional translators that have been approved by the Smartlation professional teams. We filter our translator according to strict guidelines that are common in the industry.
Unlike other translation services, Smartlation is constantly tracking each translator and update their “matching score” parameters in order to provide the best translator for you.

When you upload your document for translation and give specifications regarding the language pair, specialization fields etc, a list of translators appears matching the language pair and skills with their Scoring, quote and due date. You can choose one or more translators for the job and the available one will accept it.

Our goal is to provide service of exceptional quality at a great value. We allow the customer to cancel the order on the same day or rejects the order after its completion and submission.

Any cancellation request after an order processed must be submitted to the following email address: info@smartlation.com / admin@smartlation.com.

– If the translator has not yet started the translation a full cancellation and refund will be granted.

– If the translation is already in the process, it will be stopped at the earliest opportunity. The client will only be charged for the part of the translation that has been completed.

If you are not satisfied with the provided translation delivered, you can deny the translation and we get it checked by our experts for quality and deliver you with revised translation. In worst scenario, you can get a full refund as per our policy.

In the past 2 years, Smartlation has developed an OCR algorithm that enables us to assess the work required of any file and any format in seconds. Once the translation workload was evaluated our system calculates a final quotation for each translator that was found fit for the job. Smartlation enables its translator’s to set their own terms and pricing and as such at times, we can see big price differences for the same job due to the different pricing that each Translator is requesting. 

Not necessary, translations pricing is correlated to location the translator is working form and as such translations from cheaper economies can cost less.  Smartlation, unlike other translation services, enables its translator’s to set their own terms and pricing and as we have translators from all over the world, it allows us to provide top translations at cheaper costs. 

The Smartlation team is working 24/7 to make sure that the valued customers get quality jobs well in time, we assure you that the jobs are delivered before time. For big orders the translators upload the partial completions on a daily basis.

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